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About Us

The Detroit United Lacrosse Association is a citywide youth organization dedicated to developing student athletes of character and integrity who will serve as positive members of the community. Detroit United Lacrosse  works directly with youth from Detroit & surrounding neighborhoods to provide high-level lacrosse training, wellness education, and educational opportunities.


Use the sport of lacrosse to unify the youth of Detroit’s neighborhoods by promoting academic & character education, personal development and pathways to prosperity, instilling the values of the sport: respect, honor, courage, and integrity.



We envision Detroit becoming the model city for the growth of lacrosse through its community of support, and its development of student leaders who uphold the virtues of the game, on the field and in life. 

Our youth will be prepared for excellence in every aspect of life - not in just athletic performance - by getting the tools they need to all graduate from high
school, compared to the 38% of their Detroit peers that will not cross that stage.

While playing for the Detroit United Panthers Women’s Lacrosse program, it helped me accomplish how to get better at the game and it drove me to showcase my talent at the tournaments for a scholarship. Every coach pushed me to an extent I didn't know was possible and it helped me recognize confidence in myself as a player. This program doesn’t want anything less from you, only success, heart, along with hard work.

Tee-Yana Harvey,

Detroit United '20

Siena Heights Women's Lacrosse

Detroit United provided me the chance to continue to build my skills as a lacrosse player while playing with an amazing group of guys. The coaches here taught me so much, and I credit a big part of my growth in the game both mentally and physically.

Aaron Stunson,

Detroit United '20

Lawrence Tech University Lacrosse

Being apart of Detroit United made my life a happier place. It became my safe space. 

Lartishia Miller,

Detroit United '20

Lawrence Tech Women's Lacrosse


Where are we?

Our Coaching Philosophy

As an organization, we utilize the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM). It is the roadmap for how the sport of lacrosse should structure itself in order that all lacrosse participants are able to realize their full athletic potential and utilize lacrosse as a means to an active and healthy lifestyle. It is how we will provide meaningful lacrosse experiences for all.

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Read about our organizational principles here!

Detroit United Lacrosse operates under the six core values of the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model. It’s how we plan our seasons, how sessions and programs are structured, how coaches conduct their practices, and how kids are engaged on the field is all informed by the underlying operating system of the lacrosse athlete development model and its framework. This is what makes everything else go. It’s about development first, not short term wins and losses.

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Our pledge to you.

Lacrosse athlete development model organizations put the kid at the center, which means you’ll see a lot of fun and games–games that are intentional about developing their physical literacy, technical and tactical abilities. At the same time, the kids are having a great time, making friends and learning life-long skills.

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Coaching Philosophy
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