Crosse R.O.O.T.S.

Detroit United Lacrosse is proud to announce, Crosse R.O.O.T.S.,
our signature program for Detroit’s youth, running January-February.

About Crosse ROOTS

The eight-week program will help 20 boys and 20 girls, 12-15 years old, develop their lacrosse skills, gain personal enrichment, and envision a lifetime of success.

Each fun and engaging session at Crosse R.O.O.T.S aims to boost overall confidence, increase creativity, and enhance problem-solving skills by incorporating interpersonal and life skills—all while learning to play lacrosse!

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The program will promote character education, professional development and pathways to prosperity for Detroit’s youth. Grounded in R.O.O.T.S.–Respect for others, Officials, Teammates and Self—our goal is to build a culture of young people that reflects the values of lacrosse: respect, honor and integrity while growing the sport.

Benefits of Crosse R.O.O.T.S: – A developmental environment that encourages participation
– Introduces new things to young people, encourages them to enjoy the process
– Motivates them to have a greater vision for themselves
– Peer-to-peer leadership development
– Learning new skills on the field and off the field

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